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Welcome to the World of Indian Art

Saturday, April 04th, 2009 | Author:

It’s our objective to explore the beautiful facets of Indian art. Indiaart.in aspires to create the awareness about mesmerizing world of Indian art. We aim to provide all the relevant information pertaining to world of paintings, sculptures and handicrafts. The process is sure to be informative and entertaining for us as well as for readers. Let’s witness the meeting of ancient and recent. Let’s celebrate the conjuring of tradition and modernity.

What are the images that come to our minds when we think of the term ‘Art’? Feelings, emotions, expressions, history, perceptions, melancholy and love could be few of those images. We all are aware of evolution of Indian civilization. Ever wondered, what’s that one thing that has given us best information about the evolution process? No prizes for guessing because yes, it’s none other than ‘art’. Think of ancient era and you will find facts about cave paintings, artifacts, paintings, sculptures, frescoes, pottery, icons and tapestries. No other thing in the history of modern era has contributed more than artworks in letting us know about our ancestors. The above mentioned forms of arts have proved to be of tremendous help to archeologists.

So what is art? Some kind of specific trait or gateway to magical realm? It’s much simpler than what most of us think. It can be defined as simply as an ‘expression’ by humans. Art is not restricted to visual medium alone. The rich history of literature, poems, stories etc make us aware of aural medium of expression of art. We will be focusing upon visual medium of art. The journey of the world of art is surely going to be enriching and for that we invite you to explore the bewitching landscape of Indian art.