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What is Art?

Thursday, April 09th, 2009 | Author:

pict_indian_artOnce a man fulfills his basic needs he wants to reach to another level. At one point of time safety and security are the most important needs of any human but once that part is fulfilled, he looks forward to the need of satisfying his aesthetic needs. I doubt, any of you will argue with the immense feeling of satisfaction when surrounded by beautiful works of art. These art works are our gateway to a different world. A world of pure beauty where all the five senses of ours feel satiated and delighted.


Every person has a different perspective about a work of art. Ever visited a museum or exhibition? Look around or better try talking to few onlookers and ask what are their interpretations of the painting and you will be surprised to know views as diverse as chalk and cheese. All the art works have some or other relevance. No artwork is ever without any relevance else it risks the chance of losing its significance. Very few things except, of course, nature connects with our soul as beautifully and intricately as a piece of art does. 


A painting can transpire in three forms of straightforward images, abstract expression and progressive expression. The first one is all about taking the painting at its face value. It means just witnessing the magical combination of images and finding pleasure in that. Whereas second form is, as the name suggests, abstract. That means, one can interpret it as he desires. The last one makes the viewer go into some kind of spiritual quest where he tries to find a new meaning of certain aspect of life or better still asks questions from self. We will try to look into all the three forms in this site that is solely dedicated to world of art.