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Jayasri Burman

Sunday, September 13th, 2009 | Author:

Jayasri Burman is a class apart when it comes to depicting everyday Indian life. She has done exceptionally well when it comes to showcasing the stark reality of normal Indian life. She has done it in a different way; mixing stark reality with magic of folklore and old-world charm. And how she managed to do it and what was her inspiration? Well, let’s hear it from the lady herself; “On starry nights, while we sat on the terrace, our elders would relate mythological stories and all those characters would mesh into themes that emerged as art motifs in my work. Now, when I am asked where I get my mythological references for my work, my answer is that they do not coincide with any authentic narrative but are figments of my childhood imagination that have surfaced on the canvas as figures and forms that I paint.”


Surprisingly, Jayasri has chosen watercolor as her painting medium and that’s a rarity in Indian art world. She uses bold themes and excels in making use of rich strong hues. Many of her art works can be seen with strange hybrid animas as the central characters. These characters have female figures and human heads. She relishes depicting the sensuous side of feminine forms. What gives her feminine forms certain aura are kohl lines eyes, flowers in the hair and casually draped sari. These characters are very aesthetic. She depicts male forms in equally ravishing way and in a fashion that male characters properly complement female forms. Jayasri is known for giving male-female relationship certain mundanity in her art works. She is basically a woman painter and her works speak for her. She has won several awards and exhibitions of her art works have taken place in many places.