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Tyeb Mehta

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A film editor by profession, and an aspiring painter by interest, Tyeb Mehta, one of the most acclaimed artists in the history of Indian art. Kapadvanj district, Gujrat in the July of 1925, he later joined Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai to pursue art as a career. He graduated in 1952, and went to London and Paris to further excel his skills. His return to the country marked the start of his career as an artist. His creativity was not just limited to painting, but he excelled as a sculptor as well. Mehta’s first solo exhibition went on display in the year of 1959 in Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai. His education in painting and sculptor didn’t hinder him in pursuing his interests further. So he went back to London, to stay there and learn, from 1959 to 1964. He visited Rockfeller Fellowship, United States as well in 1968.



Having a background in film editing, he pursued his interest further by trying his hands on film making. 1970 marked the year in which Tyeb Mehta was recognized by the Film fare critics for his film Koodal. It did not just end there. Mehta again received an award Kalidas Samman by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in 1988.



Painting and sculptor still remained Tyeb Mehta’s foremost passions. He continued to participate in various exhibitions, which included not only the traditional solo exhibitions but also several international ones. His work made him one of the top notch artists of India.