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Acrylic Paintbrush

Monday, March 29th, 2010 | Author:

A portrait artist has an array of paintbrushes to choose from. Talking about acrylic paintbrush technique, it’s up to the artist what brush he chooses for his paintings. Among the quality brushes, cryla and synthetic brushes are known for their quality. A serious portrait artist must invest on quality brushes instead of going for cheap brushes. Poor quality brushes can affect the overall effect of the artwork. However, many artists prefer to choose hog hair brushes for applying texture paste and scumbling. Acrylic painters do not allow the paint to dry on the brushes. Once it dries, it becomes solid and starts losing its shape. However, there is an option of using methylated spirit but then you run the risk of losing its texture and subsequently overall appeal.


There are some essential tools for portrait artists like water container and a rag. The former one allows them to keep the brushes on a ledge so that bristles remain submerged in the water. Rag will help in taking away any excess water that the brush might have soaked. Paintbrush needs to be just damp and not wet. In case, you are using watercolor technique to paint then obviously, you will need plenty of water.


Ideally, two brushes should be used for paintings. A large brush for big areas and a thinner brush for finer works. Different artists have different styles of paintings. Some like to have more freedom in their art and for that they hold brush further away from the bristles. But if you are looking for accuracy, try holding the brush nearer to the bristles. Portrait artists prefer to use Payne’s Gray to fill in the shadows on the face. Thereafter, they can apply opaque background of flesh tint. Using different glazes and colored washes will perfectly build up the skin tone. Focusing on minor details will make your portrait a complete artwork.