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The Impact of Art

Tuesday, March 02nd, 2010 | Author:

So you think art is a luxury and it has no purpose to serve in society? I would rather differ here. Art is not just a mode of creativity and expression. It performs various functions in both negative as well as positive sense of the word. Great many artworks have contributed to the evolution of human civilization. Apart from depicting the unique culture of every era since ancient ages, art has also been influential in shaping up the course of the history. Art brings awareness to the people.


Art scores greatly, in its ability to present untold truths about humans in a very effective and unique way. Perhaps, these truths cannot be said in any other way. Art also proves instrumental in connecting people. Just go to an exhibition and you will find many people being able to relate to your thought about a particular artwork. That almost makes it a universal connection. If the idea conveyed by an artwork makes you take action, then the purpose of art is achieved. Now, would you agree to the potentially huge impact of art on humans? But before that, art must reach the public. The connoisseurs of art must be able to understand the true value of the art and get a drift of the idea contained by it.


One of the most beautiful things about art is that it can depict positive emotions like love, beauty, honor, and devotion as wonderfully as it can express fear, hatred, poverty and injustice. Both sides of the coin are equally meaningful. Both can have a profound impact on people. The viewers will always have a strong emotional response to the works of art. There have been countless instances of artworks helping in abolition of existing malice of society. Hope, this trend continues.