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Chola Wall Paintings

Saturday, April 11th, 2009 | Author:


chola_frescoThe Chola Dynasty is responsible for taking Indian art and architecture to its most glorious heights. This dynasty has built over thousand temples in India. The quality and sophistication of the Chola wall painting are something that leaves you in awe. The first Chola temple with wall paintings in it is in Vijaya Cholishwaram. This temple is named after the Chola king Vijayalaya. The temple is covered entirely with wall paintings. Human anatomy, Gods like Shiva and the dark face of Goddess Bhawani can be seen in these paintings. There are a lot of female figures in these paintings. While other colours are not very prominent, there is a distinct use of yellow, auburn and orange in these paintings.

The Cholas were great devotes of Lord Shiva. When the Chola empire was run by Rajaraja in 1014 AD, there were 52 temples that were built in the area of Tanjavur. This is the largest body of the Chola wall paintings. Shiva is painted here in all his glory in the passage as well as in the main areas of the temple. Events like blessings, child births, weddings etc with their distinct customs are highlighted in these paintings. It tells us so much about the traditions and the culture of the Chola dynasty.

These paintings noit just weave a story, but portray delicacy and lyricism. Use of warm colours is a sensation and a feast to the eye of the beholder. Dancing girls, lush trees, weaved emotions etc all evoke a deep sense of Indian-ism in you. The lyrical quality of these paintings is outstandingly depicted in the Cola wall paintings and these surely add a great value to the much cherished art of India!