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Tuesday, July 14th, 2009 | Author:

Famous paintings by Indian artists are collectibles for an art lover. One is able to understand the underlying meaning of colors, abstractness and the melody of the painting the painter wishes to convey and this is quite a passion for people who love to invest in paintings. Famous paintings have been a tradition of India which was earlier patronized by the rulers and kingly royals. Nowadays paintings are getting an international recognition as there are several mediums to connect the artist and the art lover.


The theme of the paintings of Tyeb Mehta and the celebration of the figures he paints speaks about his dimension of art. His creativity is exemplified and the paintings are usual sold at a high price. Some rich paintings can also be seen during the Moghul era and the Mysore paintings are also a rich tradition. Art schools also are getting more recognition and the enrolment in this stream is increasing.


Batik paintings are one of the ethnic styles that are very typically Indian. The paintings are quite a process to go through. The Ajanta murals seem to be the work of great artists and the unsung heroes will never be known and history beckons us to the rich tradition. There are more concepts in the Phad paintings and the tribal art ones. The painting style is also related to the earlier prevailing time and this is suited to the international climate.


The effects of paint, canvas and form is all related to the style of painting that goes from depicting surreal expressions to bold caricature or abstract forms. Charcoal, wood and the recent acrylic medium in paintings shows the renaissance and is symbolic of the effects of change brought in by famous painters. The miniature paintings of the Moghul era, the cave style painting of Ellora and the classic style employed in the Tanjore paintings of South India are examples of exquisite ethnic paintings.