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Preserving Paintings

Thursday, May 21st, 2009 | Author:


Paintings delight us and soothe our aesthetic senses. Paintings also represent greatness of bygone era. Many renowned paintings give us a clue of our history and culture. In such context, it becomes our prime responsibility to preserve the paintings in best possible way. It is being observed that we humans are greatly responsible to cause damage to the art works. In fact, we are just a notch below or two from natural calamities and insects when it comes to causing maximum damage to the precious art works. We often cause damage because of poor handling of paintings. Paintings also get affected because of environmental changes, poor storage facilities, stains from contact and humidity.

Let’s look at few important suggestions that can prolong lives of precious paintings. Make sure to check the wall where paintings will be displayed. Try choosing a wall that will not be facing direct sunlight and dampness because these two factors are detrimental to the health of paintings. Make sure to thoroughly analyze the process of moving paintings from one place to another. Wear gloves while removing art works. One needs to take extra care while handling large paintings. Packaging is very important but don’t leave it packed for longer duration.

Apart from direct sunlight, strong artificial sunlight is also not recommended. It causes localized heating and that ultimately harms painting. Try to follow a minimum of 10 feet distance of light from the art work. When you hang the painting on the wall, don’t keep it too close to it because that is a sure shot invitation to dirt and moisture. Keep slight distance between wall and painting. While cleaning, use soft brush instead of skin dusters or feather. Store paintings in a place that is not affected with insects. Cool and dry place is best suited for storage purpose. All these tips will keep your paintings in a healthy condition.