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Pastels Painting

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 | Author:

Pastel is an art medium used for drawing. Pastel drawing and painting offers several advantages. Pastel is a rich and versatile medium and that’s why artists can use it for painting as well as drawing. Let me try to define pastels. When sticks of pigment of powdered color are held together with a binding medium, the resultant effect is sticks of color which is known as pastels. Pastels are available in different range and different grades. The most common type of pastel is dry pastel which can be hard as well as soft. Most of the expert artists prefer to use hard pastels whereas beginners often go for soft pastel because it allows drawing flexibility.


For a beginner, he should begin with wide range of colors. The range should include basic colors like black, white, red, blue etc. Having different shades will add to your repertoire. Many renowned companies offer huge range of pastel colors and shade along with pastel paper that is used for painting. The paper comes up with a slight texture which is so very crucial in holding the pastel powder to the surface. You can use watercolor paper also along with making your own paper. However, if you are a beginner go with a readymade paper.


In the dry method of drawing, paper is placed on the board with a clip. You do have the choice of using wet paper but more on that in later articles. The basic method requires one to sketch the subject with the black. Thereafter, other pastels are used on it. The painting will formally begin on the paper when you apply brush and water to it. Some artists like to use other mediums of painting like watercolor and acrylic. Once you start feeling comfortable with your work, you will be able to appreciate the true versatility and beauty of pastels. A pastel painting has rich depth and that’s why it is so very popular among the artists.