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Paint Brushes – Cleaning and Caring Tips

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 | Author:

Paint brush is more like a weapon in the hands of an artist. Like a warrior who cannot do much without his arms, similarly an artist will be rendered helpless without a paint brush. It is a must-have item for any painting project. If we further elaborate the range and scope of brushes, it can be used in painting your home or can be useful for a simple wood working project. A brush has several uses and in different categories. Having said that, no matter where you are going to use your paint brush, you must invest in good quality brushes. Like everything else, brushes also demand care.


If you want to make your brush last longer, you need to care for it and clean it properly. While you go to buy a brush you need to take into consideration certain factors. First of all, check the length of the brush as that decides the elasticity of it. So while you hold the bristles slightly bent and if they manage to hang together, it means the brush is sufficiently elastic. But if the bristles are flaring out, you should rather avoid it.  The brush should feel full of bristles while you compress it. One more sign of a good brush is presence of split ends.


Before using brush for the first time, you should rub the ends of the bristles on a rough surface and leave it in linseed oil for 24 hours. This will help it in softening up. The process is also known as preconditioning of the brush which proves crucial in its ability to accept paint and a longer life. Use scraper or a knife to get rid of stray bristles. One should ideally use dip and slab method for painting. Once the painting is done, use thinner or turpentine to clean away the excess paint. Implementing all these tips will help in improving the lifespan of brushes.