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Online Art Auctions

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 | Author:

The world art market has witnessed a tremendous growth in purely business sense. The price of art works has reached roof and this trend is giving no signs of slowing down. The art market is slightly thawed because of recession factor but sooner than later things are bound to be heated once again. The Indian art market is no exception to this phenomenon. Indian art market has been flooded with increasing flow of money and excited amongst the art aficionados. Indian art has been in constant demand both within the country as well as on international platforms. One of the reasons behind this mad rush is online art auctions. The demand for Indian art has led to numerous art galleries adopting the online selling mode. Large numbers of art buyers are based in aboard and to cater to their demands online auctions fit the bill perfectly.


According to one survey, a work of art is being purchased every 26 hours on popular auction portal ebay.com. That is just one example. This has also helped in emergence of several talented Indian artists. These unknown artists can now look forward to list their work on websites and find the suitable buyers. Online art auctions are relatively a new concept in India. Though, it has been in vogue for a long time on global stage. Advent of technology has made Indian tech-savvy.


This is also very handy for them because now they no longer need to visit art galleries spread across the country. Potential buyers can locate the work on websites and find quotes as well. They can also check the profile of artists and his previous works. Just the thought of looking at huge numbers of art works with one click of mouse is very tempting and exciting. The other facilities, buyers can look forward to is online payment and comparison with other similar art works on various auction portals. The potential of online auction is huge in India and in coming time this trend is destined to firm up further.