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Mughal Love Paintings

Friday, April 30th, 2010 | Author:

Mughal paintings are greatly admired and praised for its richness, texture and innovativeness. They were in a different league. Mughal paintings were very stylish and unique. One of the important sub-genres of Mughal paintings was Mughal love paintings. These paintings are very fascinating and will capture your imagination like never before. They had splendid themes and unique styles. One striking aspect about Mughal love paintings is that, they don’t really conform to realism. Imagination and creativity played a much bigger role than realism. However, the themes of these paintings stayed true to periods they were made in.

Mughal love paintings are wonderful illustration of the Mughal era. They give us a glimpse of what that period was all about. The cultures, art, concept of love etc portrayed in these paintings are true specimen of that era. What makes Mughal love paintings even more striking is the unique blend of Indian and Persian style. Themes were provocative as well as informative. Some of the most common themes of love paintings were, love, lovers, courtly lovers in intimate positions, failed love and lovers in a state of despair. The paintings proved to be of immense help to the historians. The artworks are full of luxury, colorful themes, sensuality and physical beauty.

Mughal love paintings give us a glance into the love lives of the kings and queens. Mughal King Jahangir was instrumental in encouraging the love paintings. He had a keen artistic sense. ‘Jahangirnama’ had some of the most amazing paintings reflecting the wonderful art taste of the king. There were renowned Mughal painters who excelled in making love paintings. Govardhan was one of the most famous artists of that era. Similarly, Ustad Mansur created huge impact as a Mughal painter during the 17th Century. The popularity of Mughal love paintings is not just restricted to Indian boundaries. They are loved, appreciated and admired all over the world.

Persian Paintings

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 | Author:

Indian art world has accepted and nourished several forms of art. The cultural and ideological differences have been blurred under the bigger goal of excellence of art. How else could one explain acceptance and excellence of Jain illustrations, Buddhist paintings and Islamic Paintings? If we talk about Islamic paintings, they clearly represent theological aspect. Geographical aspects have taken a back seat when it comes to assimilation of different forms of art and paintings in India.


Islamic paintings are closely related to Persian paintings and Mughal paintings. Persian paintings mainly represented rulers and kings of that era who had conquered everything. These paintings also depicted religious interpretations of Islam in Persian way. A look at these paintings and one is bound to get mesmerized by the wonderful usage of vivid colors and unique use of geometry. The major themes were court scenes and battle sequences. Persian miniatures have made a name for themselves by the sheer symmetry. Islamic paintings excelled at abstracted floral designs and geometric designs. Islamic artists were wonderful at depicting rhythmic pattern of script.  


Many people tend to think of Mughal paintings and Persian paintings in similar way but it couldn’t be farther from truth. Mughal paintings are more based on imagination that was beautifully represented through richly draped figures. Many court scenes have been painted. The choice of themes is very different from Persian paintings. The later one is extremely illustrative. It is a wonderful combination of art and poetry. In fact, the Persian paintings take its inspiration from great Persian poems whereas Mughal paintings were a classical and eclectic mix of Indian and Persian styles. Mughal paintings are not really known for realism yet they bear proud testimonials of that era.