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Media painting kit

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 | Author:

0281110092wwmallmedia1Today, with the help of internet and other modes, getting high quality painting tools is become quite easy. Indeed, there is a wide variety of artists’ paints available for the professional or amateur artist. Different types of paint are available based on the way in which the pigment is poised or entrenched in. It is this that determines the characteristics of the paint such as solubility, drying time etc. The commonly used mixed media tools are acrylic paint tubes, inks, oil paints, pastel crayons, spray paints, water colors etc.

Professional artists also use what is called an encaustic painting where colored pigments are added to bee wax that is heated. The paste which is then prepared from that is applied to the surface or the canvas. Another popular mixed media medium is called fresco which consists of pigments in a water medium on wet or fresh lime mortar or plaster. This is a durable work of art! Gouache is a type of watercolor paint which is made of heavier and more opaque substance by the addition of a white pigment such as chalk!

Most events and scenes are excellently replicated using the mixed media medium. Here, you can truly use what you want to and create your own master piece! From glass to wood to graphite powder all kinds of ingredients are used to prepare a media painting!

They produce many different types of wonderful pictures. Mixed media can be used for abstract imaginary art too. Both, thinned oil paints and thick oil paints can be used. The paintings can also be dyed. There are many a great effects that can be brought to life using this medium. The canvas is yours. Come and explore!

Mixed Media

Saturday, April 25th, 2009 | Author:

This is one of the most cavernous mediums to work with as there are endless mediums that can be used in permutations and combinations which will create fantastic effects to your painting. Most artists like working with materials like which are acrylics, colored pencils, colored inks watercolor pencil and paints, pastels and graphite pencils. What is important to remember is that while using mixed media is that the canvas or the paper that one is working on needs to be smooth. Mixed media is a platform which is most interesting because this is used for abstract arts and you can really create mysterious conundrums through this painting medium!


Here, there are no set techniques like we saw in water colour painting. This medium is absolutely open for your creative output. Hence do not hesitate to do what your heart wants to do. Many amateurs feel apprehensive towards doing something innovative with their paintings. Do not follow the norms always. Experiment with the medium and learn from your own mistakes. To start with, watercolour wash and a colored pencil approach are usually adapted.   They give a pastel type effect to the whole picture. Graphite pencils are used for fine detailing and acrylics and oil paints are used for heightened effect. Some of the things that one needs to keep in mind are: not to use dark colored pencils over dried pale acrylic colours. This is because when acrylic colour dries they leave tiny little bumps on the canvas and the pencil color that one will use will only accumulate the bumped area and this will be very prominent in the picture and will look shabby.


One can view Mixed media paintings, sclupture and new media works by Partha Das Gupta, Sanjay Barot, Hardik Kansara and Bhrigu Sharma till 30th May 2009 at the Strand Art Room, Colaba Mumbai.