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Landscape prints

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Landscape initially was a term used by artists to denote the natural land forms. This includes the plains, valleys, mountains and hills, deserts, marshlands, farmlands, plateaus, etc. a large number of artists have created valuable artworks depicting the various aspects of the land on which human beings tread. However, today landscape artwork is said to also encompass the urban structures, as well as the natural land-scenes.


Before the days of photography artists used to carry their canvas boards, stands, paints and brushes to the outdoors and paint the view in front of them. What was amazing is that they would have a photographic memory with regards to the spot they intend depicting through their artistic skills. This was important so as to maintain uniformity in the painting in order to create a near-to-life artwork.

There were also artists who would create paintings of landscapes, depicting a land form that they would imagine. For instance, some landscape paintings created out of imagination include those with excessive color, as well as uniqueness in the type of land they have depicted, which in many cases have been a contrast to what their actual surroundings have been.

Since, only a few people could own the original landscape paintings by historic artists, people started having them photographed, with dozens of copies printed. This way a lot more people could enjoy these paintings and thus, was initiated the concept of landscape art prints.

However, today landscape art prints encompass not only digital pictures of original landscape paintings, but also prints of photographs of the various forms of land. Some creative landscape photographers in fact depict the land in front of them with people in various poses and postures. For instance, to depict the actual aridness of barren land, a photographer generally uses a model dressed in blacking, probably digging through the cracks in the land.

Outdoor art prints : When using the term outdoor art prints it has two basic implications, being: Those prints that are used to decorate the outdoors. Or rather those put up as means of advertising. For instance, the film posters put up on public walls.
Those prints that contain pictures of the outdoor. This includes landscapes, seascapes, nature, etc.
Whatever, it may imply, outdoor art prints in general play an essential role in almost every person’s life. For instance, in the first type of outdoor art prints, whereby the reference is to film publicity posters or banners and other forms of printed publicity for public display have played a major role in the success of a venture. As it is said the first step to a venture’s success is the packaging.

Thus, if the posters look attractive and lure people to theater halls, then surely for the first couple of weeks the film’s success is ensured, after that it is dependent on the viewer’s reaction. This is also the case with product launches and public service ad campaigns. The message and visuals have to be captivating in order to make a difference.

In the case of outdoor prints that simply depict the life that exists in the world around, there is a wide variety to select from. These include those of natural surroundings and all forms of wildlife, as well as aspects of urban city life as witnessed on the streets; and also the rustic rural living conditions. These are just a few examples of the kind of outdoor prints one can select from.

Since eras, art depicting the outside world have been placed in almost every home of every class of society. It is said that this type of prints or pictures play a major role in synchronizing man’s internal existence with his external surroundings.