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Theorem Paintings

Monday, August 17th, 2009 | Author:

74_8x10If we look in dictionary, the word theorem is defined as ‘an expression of relations in an equation or formula.’ So, why are we talking about this term in a site that is purely dedicated to the fascinating world of art? Well, answer lies in theorem paintings that we are going to talk about. During the 19th century, many important scientific inventions were witnessed. These magnificent innovations completely changed the way humans lived and will live their lives. But the innovations were not just restricted to science. The world of art also saw some interesting innovations and one of the gifts of that era was Theorem Painting. Unlike other paintings, theorem painting uses certain formula of execution where everything is planned in a definitive way. This form of painting was primarily for greenhorns who could take the art even without any training.


The legend goes that women were the biggest fans of theorem paintings during the 1800s. This form of art aimed at producing aesthetic art works for the personal usage of artists. Even non-professional artists could diligently pursue this art. The primary technique used in theorem painting is of stenciling. Two or more stencils are used in the painting in such a way that no two areas immediately next to each other can be placed on the same stencil.


Talking about stencils, it is basically a painting tool or template that is very important for artists in creating repetitive designs. Stencil material is used for making of these tools. One can use numbers of designs, varieties and combinations to create attractive and fashionable designs. Often these designs are pure works of beauty. However, theorem painting could never get its due because of suspicion on creative abilities of the artists.


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