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Importance of Indian Women in Artworks

Friday, March 19th, 2010 | Author:

village-women-going-to-workJust the idea of watching a painting with women as its subject can be so very fascinating. There is a certain charm and mystery associated with image of a woman. How can we ever forget the eternal beauty of women depicted in the form of ‘Monalisa’? This painting, even after few centuries continues to enchant us the same way as it used to mesmerize people hundred years ago. Perhaps, one of the greatest artworks of all time, Monalisa will always be etched into the annals of world art.


Talking about women, Indian women symbolize respect, care, attractive looks and sober nature. Just looking at an Indian woman wearing a sari and red dot on the forehead can be an unforgettable experience. Almost every famous artist from India and other countries has desired to capture the perfect image of an Indian woman in his canvas. Indian females have always stayed on the list of preferences of the painters and artists. They definitely make for interesting subjects.


Most often than not, Indian women have been portrayed with sari and red dot on the forehead. These two features have made Indian women distinctly unique and fascinatingly beautiful. If we go back to the history pages, one of the earliest depictions of the Indian women can be seen in the Ajanta mural. One can witness graceful and striking depictions of Indian women in various poses in the caves of Ajanta. Women are considered as the best creations of almighty and murals of Ajanta appropriately depict that belief.


Even during medieval times, the trend of depicting women in painting continued. For example, you can check Rajasthani miniature and Radha Krishna paintings. Portraits of Meera Bai are perhaps the most popular depictions. From artists’ point of view, eminent painter Raja Ravi Verma revolutionized the traditional Indian way of perceiving women. His artworks are equally popular in western art circles because of similarity of his method with western realistic schools of art. Many Indian painters and artists from modern generation have also depicted the beauty of Indian lady in their paintings.