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How to do a Madhubani painting

Friday, January 15th, 2010 | Author:

vinitajhawomenworkredIn our previous posts, we have shared about what Madhubani paintings are and where do they emerge from and what are the common themes in such paintings. Also, off late I have been reading a lot about Madhubani paintings and thought I too should try my hand at it too. To do a Madhubani painting here is all that you would need:

  • Cloth/Handmade paper
  • Trace paper
  • Fabric colours(for cloth)
  • Poster colours (for paper)
  • Black outliner
  • Carbon sheet
  • Indian inks (green, blue, red, orange, black)
  • Madhubani Pen or a Black ball point pen

paper_craft_pt41_lDecide on a theme. Trace the design of Madhubani using a carbon sheet on the handmade paper. If you do not trace it well, then later while outlining the painting you may face trouble. In case you want to make changes, you can make improvements in designs. Draw the outline using the Madhubani pen, dipping the pen in black Indian ink and removing the excess ink and drawing thin outline on the entire painting, or using a black ball point pen and outlining the design. People who are comfortable can also use a 000 point brush.

Now fill in the designs with Indian inks that come in various colors. Most people use green and red in Madhubani. However, you can use other colours too. Now allow it to dry and frame it. Madhubani paintings can be done on fabric too, however you then need to use fabric paints instead of Indian ink.