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India Coastal Handicrafts

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 | Author:

handicraftsIndia has a rich and vast culture of handicrafts. The handicraft work in India has remained in existence since ancient times. One of the most appreciated handicraft types is of Coastal handicrafts. Thanks to India’s enormous coastal line, huge variety of handicrafts has flourished all along these coastal plains. The thing to be noted here is that, culture of coastal handicrafts is a not a new phenomenon. There is a rich tradition of coastal handicrafts that has been passed on from generation to generation. Coastal handicrafts are made using raw materials available at the shores and seas. Elements of modern aesthetics and sensibility have further helped in enhancing the beauty of coastal handicrafts.


The main hubs of Indian coastal handicrafts are Orissa and West Bengal. Orissa is known for its beautiful beaches, historical temples, famous sculptures and colorful appliqué works. The art works of Orissa like Patachitra, Pipili and Saura tribal paintings have always exuded class and elegance. The state is also known for vibrant fabrics. Puri is one place in Orissa that every religious person likes to visit at least once in his lifetime. Puri houses mesmerizing brass statues that have amazing finery. Other famous specialties of the state are carved sculptures, stoneware, detachable wooden toys and wooden masks.


Those looking for coastal art and craft works, better have a look at assortment of appliquéd wall hangings, garments, handbags, decorative hangings, papier-mache masks and linen.


Talking about coastal handicrafts of Bengal, conch shell art occupies the place of the pride. Created by artists known as ‘Shankharis’, this is a centuries old tradition. One can also find shell jewelry like pendants, bangles, bracelets that are made after slicing conch shells with hand tolls. You can also find other shell articles and beautiful objects made form pearls. The place is full of mesmerizing costal handicraft works. One has to visit coastal plains of Orissa and Bengal to truly experience this beautiful art form.