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Folk art painting on Furniture

Wednesday, February 03rd, 2010 | Author:

Almost every country in the world boasts of a proud tradition of folk art paintings so how could India remain an exception. Folk painting tradition in India goes a long way to the roots of Indian civilization. Like India, Europe has a highly valued and well respected folk painting culture. In fact, folk painting has its origins in 13th Century Europe. This was the time when folk paintings were used to decorate furniture that commanded huge premium in the market. As we are living in an era of retro-fashion, folk paintings have also re-emerged strongly. People with an eye on aesthetics are willing to pay good prices for painted wooden objects like plates, cabinets and decorative cutting boards. Antique art objects are being redecorated with folk paintings and sold at commendable prices.


The redecoration of wooden objects starts with restoring process where original varnish is first stripped off and then painted with a solution. Some of the rich traditional colors used for folk paintings are yellow, green, red and brown. Blue and some shades of white are also used to get the required effect. Folk paintings look best on dark wooden objects. Artists use quick drying wood stain for bringing dark wood effects.


The painting process can be completed with either water based works or oil based paint. Folk art paintings thrive on blending of colors. Pattern is another important factor in these paintings. There are plenty of reading materials available on folk art painting techniques on furniture. These paintings are a wonderful way to decorate your house or even to be used as a gift for special occasions. This art can be learned by anyone who is interested in paintings. This is a highly appreciated skill that will do great favors to your reputations.