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Elephant Painting

Monday, August 10th, 2009 | Author:

elephantElephant paintings have earned great name for themselves. They are not only graceful but also classic. They have received huge appreciation from the art aficionados. Elephant paintings are a school of Art in themselves. We don’t need to go far if we want to witness splendor of elephant paintings. Ganesha paintings and Kotah Paintings are wonderful examples of elephant paintings. Kotah paintings have captured each and every movement of elephant. Kotah paintings have always been known for capturing movements of animals. The most fascinating aspect of kotah artists was they were able to paint elephant in lively form apart from adding strength and massive bulk. Many people find Deccani paintings impressive because of impressive decoration witnessed in them. But Kotah paintings would rather focus more on huge energy of the elephant. Some famous kotah paintings could be seen in form of royals hunting tiger during the 18th century. The said illustrations belong to period of 1720-1870.


Ganesha Paintings are a common phenomenon in almost every Hindu household. The reason is importance of Lord Ganesha in Hindu ritual. Ganesha is an elephant man and yet he looks genial. The Ganesha paintings are not only religious but also aesthetic.


Those who are familiar with Kotah Paintings must have seen Angry Elephant painting. It is one of the most famous Kotah paintings. The material used for the work is charcoal. It shows two might elephants fighting with each other and only one is visible. It also shows, the king watching from the balcony while attendants’ are trying to deter the animal with firecrackers.