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Ganesha Paintings

Saturday, August 15th, 2009 | Author:

The favorite Hindu God known for his charismatic presence in homes is certainly a welcome sign in most Indian homes. Paintings for homes with the Ganesha theme are very common. These can be framed in the living room or extended to the puja room where we can also keep them in the midst of Ganesha idols. The splendor of colors makes the painting more enhancing.


Ganesha painting is deft strokes by exponents are done exclusively in black and white charcoal or sketches. This is a simple way to adorn the walls. Reputed artists also contribute their paintings of the elephant God with a bit of abstract tendencies by the essence is well retained in any concept.


Tapestry paintings are another common wall adornment in India. The fabric colors or textile painting is a wonderful piece of art which is also the ethnic form of painting from India. With more than 108 names of Ganesha forming his virtues, the various mood of Ganpati can be seen.


There are paintings of Ganesha in oil and water colors too which gives the glimpse of Ganesha in a variety or expressions. Most painters also concentrate on facial features rather than sketching out the entire body form of Ganesha. The images of Ganesha are seen as dancing, aggressive thandav dance or the pleasant faced Ganesha. There are other forms where he is accompanied by a consort or other mythological characters surround the theme.


There are various forms of Ganesha paintings mainly in Kalamkari, Tanjore, Batik and also Glass paintings. There are unusual blends and the painters are yet exploring art works to bring out the best paint forms of the benevolent Ganesha. The adornments of Lord Ganesha and the jewelry also gives a lot of grandeur to any painting style.