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Indian art market

Monday, July 13th, 2009 | Author:

Appreciation of Indian art seems to be also a part of our heritage. Our monuments, kingly palaces and also getaways to prominent towns have a distinct identity owing to the encouragement received by patrons of art. The caste system prevalent in the earlier times also added to preservation of art forms in families. With much of intermingling and scrapping of caste system India is looking at a more comprehensive way to commercialize the appreciation of art.


Art sees no religion and is the expression of an artist. This is seen in the works of M F Hussain who explores the subtle natural element in Hindu mythology. The paintings of renowned artists like Amrtia Shergil or Tyeb Mehta are priced high and they have several seekers to love to adorn their homes or commercial units with the fabulous paintings. Several Indian associations are also looking at a consortium to sell the great works of art and the buyers are growing each year.


Scaling international heights for any kind of commercial activity is very important. This can be done by formal channels of exhibitions and display of the marked pieces. It is important to merchandise the paintings in a very sophisticated manner and the person must be able to highlight the in-depth matter of the subject. There are several art houses who exhibit paintings and photography on regular intervals.


Art schools have workshops to train novices and amateur painters who are also given a chance to explore and hone their talent. The support from the Government is also required to back any kind of activity in the Indian art market. Art lovers look out for unique and blending concepts in the thematic works of art and are ready to invest in premium collections.


The paintings by great artists are a trophy collection and for art lovers this is a passion. Exhibitions offer a great opportunity to display the paintings and the recent online gallery is again a new way to connect with people who share a love for Indian art.