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Indian Art Journey

Thursday, April 02nd, 2009 | Author:

indian-art-window-painting-little-india-penangIndian Art has always mesmerized the hearts of millions of people across the world with its extricate designs, rich cultural manifestation in colours and its multi-layered imaginations wrapped in the painting. Indian art has evolved and manifested philosophies that have outgrown to achieve great ideals in visual medium and form. Indian artists have presented varied meanings, thoughts, ideas and abstract ideologies to this macrocosm.

The journey of Indian art has crossed many thresholds by constantly evolving and innovating and communicating through canvas and colours. The culture of the land and its stories are told on paper by various Indian artists. Religion has greatly influenced Indian art. The earliest religion to inspire major artistic monuments was Buddhism. This is how Indian rock art evolved. Soon after the Buddhists initiated the rock-cut caves, the Hindus and Jains started spreading the art to various places.

Later in 1931, the Chola Fresco paintings evolved. It is said that a smooth batter of limestone mixture is applied over the stones, which took two to three days to set. Within this time frame large paintings were painted with natural organic pigments.

Each religion had its own nuances, analogies, stories, associations, imaginations, depiction of Gods and celestial beings that were manifested and interpreted in art.

Folk and tribal art also contribute to the culture in India. This art is seen on varied mediums. Folk art also includes the illustrated expressions of the wandering nomads. The nomads travel over the valleys and highlands of India. Thus this art is highly scenic as the people are exposed to so many changing landscapes.

Indian art is truly a great manifestation of the culture of the country!