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Asian art appraisals

Monday, August 03rd, 2009 | Author:

Asian art is a pathway to understand the arts of China, India, Japan, Korea and other south eastern countries of Asia.  Asian arts give an insight into the vibrant history, traditions and cultures of many countries including India. Asian art witnesses some common themes for its paintings. Some of these were Buddhism, celebration of seasons, representation of auspicious beasts, tea practices, religious idols etc.


Asian art work is as distinct as the cultures of Asia and the art collection reveals many forms of similarity and iconography by sharing of religion that too an evidence of all religions that are a part of India. Common themes and techniques such as blue and white ceramic or ink painting can be keenly observed and a notable similarity between Indian art, Chinese Art and Japanese art has been observed suggesting that there was a lot of trading especially in the art industry of those times as well. The Chinese calligraphy, the Buddhist sculptures, the Japanese wood block prints, paintings from Nepal and Tibet all reveal the rich and varied culture of Asia. For avid collectors, Asian art appraisals can be done through a lot of art specialists who have started offering their services online.


Art appraisers with nationally recognized certificates should be considered while contacting. Many of the appraisers also specialize in niche art like the Chinese art or the Indian art etc. Many question as to where did Asian art originate from? Many art forms date back to almost thousands of years and it evolved from country to country. For example Japan’s unique art form dates back to almost three hundred years and is known as the ‘Netsuke’. Similarly Indian and Chinese arts too evolved with time.