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About Canvas

Monday, June 08th, 2009 | Author:

An artist often seeks for inspiration through innovation. The art is often a passion which moulds into various formats as per enriching experiences. Usually a novice learns by looking into various types of canvas paintings. For starters it is important to begin on a small canvas, gain confidence, understand compositions and go on for large canvas. Choosing the medium viz oil, acrylic is more important that the canvas itself.


There are many types of canvas that suit the medium and hence the combination has to perfect. Gold foil painting which is also a form of Mysore paintings is also a unique association. Canvas is a wonderful base for charcoal painting. Usually the best medium is acrylic as it is retained well on canvas and also stays clear when framed.  Textures on canvas seem natural and can be created with sponges, newspaper blotches or some artist also use rags. This is good to create scenery like mud, bush or faraway objects.


Stretching the canvas is also quite a procedure but its better to seek help if you are a beginner at the job. A lot of applications knowledge comes with experience and improvements in the raw materials that are available. The type of canvas comes in linen, jute, synthetic, cotton or linen. The ones in linen are rather taut and do not stretch flexibly.  The mono thread or double thread canvas can be chosen as per comfort level.


Prior to painting it is essential to choose a good area which is ventilated and yet free from dust. The canvas has to be absolutely dry before commencing painting. The privacy for the artist is a personal choice and hence seclusion will depend on his inspiration. A studio is ideally a professional way to begin painting but then a well lit, ventilated area is more than sufficient.