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Mehndi art

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009 | Author:

Traditions have followed the work of mehndi pattern in adorning the bride in Indian context. Henna is also herbally known for its healing properties. Originally used as a dye, henna is now also used for its decorative properties. The pattern is either on the palms or done on the feet. The recent bridal mehndi is also haute fashion and costs an astronomical price for its intricate designs.


The Arabic style of mehndi is also getting popular in India and is less time consuming. The Indian pattern goes to mango style, creeper or flower patterns in the hands. The artist is usually an expert in his or her work and has a unique sense of creativity that automatically develops with regular improvement. Mehndi art can also be learnt professionally from experts in the area.


Mehndi is also commonly used for hair coloring and known for its cooling properties. A regular use of mehndi mixed with amla-gooseberry and other herbal products is perfect to condition the hair. It also imparts a brown tinge which is akin to hair coloring. The mehndi art is also a chief craft of village folk who regularly partake in application of mehndi regularly.


The extract of mehndi is arrived by crushing the leaves of the plant and mixing the same with herbal properties so as to make the color stronger. The black mehndi is made of indigo dye and not the regular brown mehndi stain.


The North Indian style of mehndi design is intricate and rich in its variety. The South style mehndi application as used in dance forms is the circular centre on the palm with the finger tips adorned like caps. In many states the application of alta is also resorted to give a cosmetic effect to palms and feet. Mehndi owing to its temporary staining is much preferred in India as a tattoo art.