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Clay art is about unique creations. Simple molding of clay and treatment transforms a simple hand crafted item as an interesting showpiece. In ancient times clay was molded with bare hands and with the help of a spin wheel. The mixing and molding was truly a pure form of art. The history can be traced back to the years of the art taking shape in India and also Mesopotamia. The art form slowly started improvising with many changes in vitrified, glazed, hand paintings, modernized kilns and hence resulted in commercial trade of ceramics.


The range of ceramics can be applied for home security appliances, dinnerware, aeronautical instruments, refractory, military use and many other industrial purposes. This refers to much commercial application of ceramics. Porcelain making was also the traditional chief art form of China. Bone china is an excellent item especially used for gifting and is famous owing to its component of delicate appearance.


It is interesting to note that clay has seen inventiveness in six dynasties that ruled China. One spectacular combination of colors was seen during the Tang dynasty. Human figures, tombs and animal pictures dominated this pottery section. There are various ranges in colors in Chinese pottery like black pottery, white pottery, green-yellow and red pottery. The pictures in the pottery definitely related to changes brought in by the dynasty prevailing at that particular time.


Splendor and regal touch exists in the urns, pots and unique decorative items like lamps, pen holders and other subtle items that can also be extended to corporate gifting. The industry is growing technically and this is also an important hobby. Classes are also conducted in ceramic making and pottery under reputed teachers. For many, collections of ceramics is also a hobby and now the range is more diversified with center pieces, tea sets and miniature representations with unique carvings and colors that can be used to adorn a classic show case.