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Henna Body Painting

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 | Author:

henna-body-paintingThe use of henna or mehndi is very popular in the Indian subcontinent. Young brides get their hands and other body parts painted with paste of powdered henna. If we talk about India, applying mehndi is a common practice in almost every household. Women just love to apply henna during social occasions. Whether it is marriage, engagement, festivals or social function, women just need to have henna on their hands. It adds a certain charm to the overall beauty of the women. It is a type of body art practiced by Indian women since centuries. Artists trained in henna painting draw those intricate and beautiful lines on the palms. Traditional motifs are drawn on the hands of young brides. There are plenty of traditional motifs but the most popular one is the paisley motif.


Henna body painting is considered to be auspicious. According to existing beliefs, shade of the henna color decides the fate of the bride. In other words, the husband will love the wife more if she has darker shades of mehndi. Yes, that’s a belief which may be right or wrong but it shows the importance of the tradition of henna body painting.


Henna is basically a flowering shrub that has fragrant flowers. Leaves are dried and crushed into powder to create the dye. As far as the technique of Applying Mehndi is concerned, a paint brush or a plastic cone is used to apply the blend of lemon juice, henna powder and henna. Once the paint is applied, it is left as it is for few hours. This way, it dries up which helps it in getting a firm color. However, at some places, to create a more intense and dark color on the skin, plastic sheet or tissue paper or medical tape is used to wrap the painted area.  Reddish brown is the final color and can last from few weeks to few months depending upon the quality of the paste.