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If you want to make art your career, you need some professional qualification for the same; There are many art courses that are available in India for an artist to get some professional training and educational qualification in art. Art courses are wonderful way to explore the latent talents of artists and some other time, it works as a polishing mechanism for accomplished artists. Various art activities in these courses and workshops are performed in a thoroughly professional way. The scope of these programs is quite huge. Though art cannot be literally taught like other subjects, a formal training in the subject ensures that you know art history, various styles etc. In short it just makes you more aware and informative about the subject.

Talking about Art courses, there are various art courses at under graduate and post graduate level in multiple streams. Most of the colleges and universities conduct these courses. Approximately fifty universities in India offer courses in Fine Arts. These courses often start with BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts). Students also have the option of going for MFA (Master’s degree program), once BFA completed successfully. BFA course is normally of four to five years and MFA of two years.

Few of the courses available in various streams of Fine Arts are;

Art Courses

Sculpture (Course in Sculpture)

  • B.A Sculpture
  • BFA in Sculpture
  • U.G Diploma Course in Sculpture
  • U.G. Diploma Course in Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Sculpture

Painting (Courses in Painting)

  • B.A Painting
  • BFA in Painting
  • U.G. Diploma Course in Painting
  • Diploma in Painting
  • MFA in Painting