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Tribal jewlery

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009 | Author:

Tribal art of India is authentic in its nature. The minimal presence of necessities in the tribal areas had actually made the inhabitants sufficient in their needs. Common use of available items like twigs, barks, shells, horns, wood pieces, stones were effectively used as adornments for daily wear. It is interesting to note that the tribal jewelry is a great piece of art and has much patronage from urban Indians and tourists abroad.


Also a common form of hobby, tribals used simple tricks of knotting with thread or barks to secure the beads in a necklace. The style is certainly not rigid and many times does not form a pattern. Raw aesthetic representation is the chief theme in many variations of tribal jewelry like a neck piece, earrings, nose piercing, finger rings, anklets, amulets and many other jewelry items.


The colors are magical like turquoise, jade green and also can be found in dull shades like tree brown or dull yellow in beads and designs. The stone jewelry again is a raw style which sets the stone by entwining the thread as a casing. The styles are inimitable in terms of their originality. There are also variations depending on the geography and many forms of tribal Jewelry are used in rural lifestyle.


Coloring a stone with natural dyes is an important aspect. The tribal costume is also a great effort with belly scarves, jackets and skirts that have a lot of trinkets around them. The waist band is a normal form of jewelry worn by tribal folk. This is a woven piece of cloth and intricate designing trinketsis employed with beads, metal works and mirrors.


Metal bracelets and wooden earrings placed in simple stone works seem magnificent in tribal art. Owing to deforestation and modern amenities reaching the inaccessible areas this art is slowly declining. Urban factories are also using the same art form and modernizing the art with the help of machines.