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Thursday, March 25th, 2010 | Author:

Art is one of the most wonderful forms of creative expression. Artists all over the world have used their talents to express their innermost feelings. The popularity of art knows no boundaries. We have kept witnessing beautiful works of art over the centuries. Apart from being a mode of expression for symbolism and creativity, art also helps in expanding the reach of mind. So now, keeping these views in mind, can we calculate the value of an art work?


With changing times, art has also witnessed a significant change and that is most evident in its practical side. Art has become a huge business in last few decades. It is no more just a tool in the hands of creative people. Art has got huge financial sides to it. One must have come across news of famous paintings fetching millions of dollars in auctions. People purchasing these paintings are no fool. They have got their return on investment in minds. Any work of art goes through different values during course of time. If there is an environment of instability or an artwork gets all bashed up in media by the critics, its prices tend to drop.


The value of a work of art is subject to many factors. The name of the artist, present condition of the art, negotiations, awards won by it, overall quality etc play a major role in deciding the amount a buyer is willing to spend on a particular artwork. It is also true that predicting the future of the art market is very tough because of several variables. It is almost like a fad. What is in demand today might be rendered obsolete tomorrow. All these factors make it imperative for the artists to consider all the buying, selling and trading aspects pertaining to an artwork. Business consultants or expert dealers can prove to be very useful in deriving the exact value of the artwork.

Good art and bad art

Friday, July 03rd, 2009 | Author:

The first question that comes to my mind is, is there anything called as good art and bad art? The art market is booming and everyone around seems to be interested in buying art. So many galleries promoting so many new works of art and giving a platform to new artists of the decade in such a scenario it is really difficult to say and understand what good art is and what bad art is.

Some say that it is purely personal and subjective on what defines art and thus what is good art and bad art. To spot a great painting or an artist, one needs to have a great knowledge of art over the years. Hence take an art expert along with you in case you are not well versed with art history and the kind of paintings that have been appreciated over the years. Try and visit as many art exhibitions as you can as this will help you to spot the painting you were looking for.

Some people still prefer to think that there is nothing called as good art and bad art and that it is all perception. The word art is a word that has its own meanings and is very subjective as well. They say that art is just art. It is a piece of creation that may be liked by some and not liked by others. You usually form your meaning out of the painting and it is how the painting makes the emotional connect with you is what matters. So you can decide and have your own definition for what you can call a good art and vice versa.