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Saturday, June 27th, 2009 | Author:

Selling and buying art is becoming more and more commercial because people consider this as an investment that can give you high returns. Indian art industry is booming and it surely has a lot to offer to art connoisseurs and art industry enthusiasts all across the globe. Indian art is not only selling like hot cakes, it is selling at pretty high prices as well. Moreover, the spending power and indulgence amongst the masses of the country has greatly increased due to which people do not mind investing in art. Majority of the people across the nation have developed taste for this due to which Indian art dealers have become very popular and much in demand.

So who is an art dealer? Well, in simple terms he or she is primarily into buying and selling of art works. So how exactly do you sell and buy art? It is simply through the art dealers. They ensure that the customer is not cheated into fake art and thus he or she facilitates the whole process at the cost of a small commission. This also gives them an opportunity of combining business with personal interest. Selling art gives you an offer to make huge profits. This has resulted into many corporate art dealers. They possess huge number of art collections. Some even specialize in a typical style of art. In case if any of you have an inclination towards art which I am sure you do, you can consider becoming an art dealer. However, needless to say, an art dealer constantly needs to be aware of activities in art world. 

In the whole process of buying and selling art, an art dealer has a crucial role to play. Any art and artist having a statement is able to sell in rapidly growing global art market. Art dealer often conveys that statement to the world. He or she is a person with large network of people and wonderful public relationship skills. Being an art dealer means you need to have creative inclination as well as business acumen.