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Sunday, July 19th, 2009 | Author:

Ajanta Paintings: Their Composition, Technique Deterioration and Preservation

Author: – B.B. Lal, Edited by S.P. Singh

Publisher: – Islamic Wonders Bureau, New Delhi  


Creative Arts in Modern India

Author: – Ratan Parimoo and Indra Mohan Sharma, Books & Books, New Delhi


The Art of Modern India

Author: – Balraj Khanna, Aziz Kurta, Thames and Hudson


Conservation of Indian Miniatures and Illustrated Manuscripts

Author:-A.S. Bisht

Publisher: – Om Publication, New Delhi


Representing the Body: Gender Issues in Indian Art

Author: – Vidya Dehejia and Daryl Yauner Harnisch


Satish Gujral – An Autobiography

Publisher: – Penguin Books India


Husain – Riding the Lighting

Author: – Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni, Ramdas Bhatkal


Indian Terracotta Sculpture- the aelrly period

Author: – Pratapaditya Pal


Bindu – Space and Time in Raza’s Vision

Author: – Geeti Sen

Publisher: – Media Transasia Ltd.


The Arts of India – Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Author: – Joseph M Dye III


The Flamed-Mosaic – Indian Contemporary Painting

Author: – Neville Tuli, Abrams

Publisher: – Harry N. Inc.


Tradition and Expression in Mithila Painting

Author: – Jyotindra Jain

Publisher: – Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad.


Indian Contemporary Art Post Independence

Author: – Yashodhara Dalmia


Masterpieces & Museum Quality III – Indian Contemporary Paintings with Rare Books & Vintage Film Memorablia

Author: – Neville Tuli


Sri Aurobindo on Indian Art- Selections from his Writings

With photographs by Elizabeth Beck

Art books

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Art Books present various fascinating facets of Indian art. Books always manage to take readers in an enthralling journey. Books dedicated on arts traverse many centuries and give rare and stimulating vignettes of the prolific names. There is numerous numbers of great books which contains relevant information about all the aspects of the Indian arts. Right from covering Indian paintings and sculptures to architectural richness of this country, books on Indian arts provide plethora of interesting insights into the history of Indian arts. Many of these books are dedicated to varied forms of art such as rock paintings, sculptures, bronzes, pre-historic rock art, contemporary and modern art, bronze age seals and sealings, folk art, miniature paintings etc. These books are helpful not only for artists, architects, and historians but also to every art student, art aficionados and general public. Art books focus on deep connection between art and artist through the medium of his or her ideology, creativity and philosophy.


Here are few of the famous art books:-


Believing is Seeing – Creating the Culture of Art

Author: – Mary Anne Staniszewski

Publisher: – Penguin Books


Pleasure Gardens of the Mind – The Jane Greenough Green Collection of Indian Paintings

Author: – Pratapaditya Pal, Janice Leoshko, S.Markel,

Publisher:- Mapin Publishing, Ahmedabad


Masterpieces & Museum Quality Series – Indian Contemporary Art, Books, Paintings & Sculptures

Author: – Neville Tuli


The Living Tradition: Perspectives in Modern Indian Art

Author: – K. G. Subramanyan

Publisher: – Seagull Books, Calcutta (1987)


Abstraction in Indian Painting: Post Independence Era

Author: – Badar Jahan

Publisher: – Kaveri Books, New Delhi


Expressions and Evocations: Contemporary Women Artists of India

Author: – Gayatri Sinha

Publisher: – Marg Publications, Mumbai