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Indian Sculptures

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India commands a great reputation when it comes to art, heritage and history. The culture is another great attraction of India. This land has produced several miracles in field of medicine, literature and sculptures. India has one of the finest and oldest sculptures in the world. Indus valley civilization is one of the first known civilizations of the world and Indian sculptures were first witnessed during that period. The period of second and third millennium has given us various terra cotta, stone and bronze sculptures.


Indian sculptures received a great boost during Mauryan Empire when king Ashoka built more than 85,000 stupas to spread Buddhism. These stupas were basically dome shaped with teachings of Buddhism engraved upon them. The most stupas is undoubtedly Sanchi Stupa at Sanchi and Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath. These sculptures are shining examples of rich Indian sculptures models. But that was just the beginning of what was later known as great history of early Indian sculptures. The later periods of fourth, fifth, and sixth centuries AD, the tradition of sculptures kept touching new heights in terms of quality, model and scriptures.


Hindu deities were the favorite models of Indian sculptures. Several sculptures of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Sun, Krishna etc were carved during the period. The culture of cave architecture also established its roots in that period. Who can forget the sheer delights of Elephanta Caves in Maharashtra and the Udaigiri Caves in Madhya Pradesh? The passage of time witnessed further evolution of Indian sculptures in from of Khajuraho Temples. Built during tenth to eleventh century, they are epitome of magnificent Indian sculptures. The sculptures at Khajuraho are amazingly sensuous and aesthetic. The Ajanta & Ellora Temples are another masterpieces of early Indian art. Other famous Indian sculptures include the Sun Temple of Konark, and various other temples located at places as diverse as Varanasi, Amravati, Kanchipuram and Madurai.