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seema_40h_largeOf recently I have been observing an upcoming contemporary Indian artist’s works and I must say that I am completely mesmerized by the intriguing feminine designs that leave you with some thought provoking questions and strokes and lines that only want me to know more of her – Seema Kohli. . Seema has recently been facilitated by Lalit Kala Akademi for being an achiever as a woman in Contemporary Indian Art.


seema_41x_largeHer work seems to bring into the limelight a woman’s world – not just an outer world but a woman’s inner thoughts, dreams, ideas and her reflection. You will find a beautiful mélange of colors so very sumptuously woven that all you want to do is say kudos to the celebration of beauty, individuality and intimacy of a woman.


Seema Kohli’s recent paintings explore certain mantras from the Yajur Veda which talks about the beauty of procreation. Her work is not spiritual but yet it has deep philosophical meanings that stay with you like certain verses.



seema_48k_largeHer series, ‘The Golden Womb’ is a journey through which she depicts a woman’s life and how she procreates and keeps the world going. Her work evokes deep sense of the thought processes that germinate inside a woman and these are portrayed as a serene picture with the colors that she has used from her palette. Kohli has worked with different mediums in the past eighteen years and has created paintings that seem to find answers to the eternal quest…


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