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Mithu Sen is considered one of India’s finest and most dynamic contemporary artists. She is born in 1971 in West Bengal and has secured her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in painting from Kala Bhavan at Santiniketan. She later did a postgraduate program at the Glasgow School of Art on the Charles Wallace India Trust Award.

Sen is known for her thought provoking paintings that always keep the onlooker pondering over the country’s social values. There is also an element of humour to her painting that is snickering, asking the viewer what do we do as human beings? She reveals the reveal all the social, emotional, political, and fundamental aspects of identity and of human being in general.

She feels that a new piece of art opens up new possibilities, new meanings, and a new realm and that nothing can be more interesting than becoming a part of it. She is worked on a wide range of media including drawing, collage, sculptural projects, and installation.

Also she is quite experimentative in her work and her solos ‘Can We Really Look beyond the Map’ in New Delhi (2000) and ‘Unbelongings’ in Glasgow (2001), and ‘I Hate Pink’ among others are a testimony to that.  In her work, she also suggests the influence of society on our identity and development. Sen’s works are often a characteristic of her own self and how she copes with her role as a successful artist. She also brings out the femininity and sexuality in post-modern world on her canvas. There is also a slight hint of sarcasm which prompts the onlookers to play with the ideas and meanings of ‘self’

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