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Contemporary arts in India dates back to 1960s. It was the time when change was taking place world wide. Contemporary art basically does not belong to any particular method. It uses different modes of expression and themes that are extremely different. One can witness a kaleidoscopic view of emotions portrayed in contemporary art. It is often inspired by real life scenarios which are nothing but reflection of changing social, political and cultural scenario. The variety becomes of paramount importance. Indian contemporary art is a wonderful mix up of our traditional values and modern day beliefs. Experimentation lies at the centre of Indian contemporary art. Indian contemporary art has seen lot of movements since the time of independence. Right from leftist leanings to progressive movement, it has seen it all. It has also witnessed emphasis on visual arts and use of modern technologies. Artists were free to use their own comfortable mode of expression. It is much more flexible.


The contemporary art commands huge market value. Many contemporary art galleries that primarily focus on this genre of art have flexible and experimental setting. In other terms, the exhibitions are quite progressive and intrepid. These specialized galleries display, exhibit and keep in stock the best collection of contemporary artworks. An art connoisseur can find most sought after collections that possess tremendous aesthetic and artistic values. To the delight of many art enthusiasts, there are many online galleries for contemporary art. Because of the busy schedule of people not all of them can visit real life art galleries.

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