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raza-165x1651India is a land to so many talented painters who have contributed significantly for the development of Indian art. It is the collective efforts of these painters that India is known for its art world over.

Amongst the highly acclaimed Indian painters, one of the well known names who is often called as the ‘master of colors’ is S. H. Raza. He is one of the most distinguished painters India has witnessed. Raza’s work primarily includes real as well as abstract landscapes that come to life with the vibrant colours that he uses.

Raza’s paintings depicted a familiar abstract western modernism that lured the spectators away. The fusion that Raza would create using old ancient Indian scriptures coupled with modern contemporary art is indeed noteworthy. Raza also integrates rudiments of Tantrism which retains Indian scriptural texts. Using wavy and thick brush strokes, Raza mesmerizes art aficionados especially with his typical expressionistic landscape and the rustic countryside that is portrayed with a dash of abstraction. He also uses other stylistic devices of painting which entices the art lovers and art appreciators.

Raza feels that nature itself offers us such surprises with its abstract intangible feeling that he wants to incorporate all those little experiences and involvement with the nature that he has had so far. Using different styles of colour, line, space and light, Raza has painted so many pictures that are associated with the symbolic and emotive value of all the vibrant colors of India. His use of heavy paint and pulsating colors makes one gaze at his landscapes. Raza’s work leaves us captivated.

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