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Jiaur Rahman is one the most renowned artists of contemporary times in India. He was born in 1979 in West Bengal and graduated with the degree of Bachelors of Visual Arts from Government College of Art and Craft in Kolkata in 2003.


Jiaur Rahman instills his works with an impulsive attitude. He perceives everything as an image of nature. He shows relationships in a vibrant way with vivacious colours. Rahman is extremely fond of using water colours. One of his recent paintings titled friendship is a perfect example of his skill and talent.


The Telegraph stated, “His paintings are enveloped in a misty film, creating a strange magical effect and the grimy familiar everyday world is suddenly elevated to a beautiful, romantic plane. Rahman’s youthful exuberance and his wide-eyed optimism reflect in his paintings”


The main aspects of Rahman’s paintings which distinguish it from others, is the fact that his paintings have the capability to grasp the feel of the place depicted. Another interesting fact is that Rahman uses just a single colour as the base and several tints and shades of the same colour to complete the artwork.


One factor that amazes every art admirer is his portrayal of red flowers which look real and unreal at the same time which Rahman admits that he first created them accidentally but their lifelike look inclined him to use them in his other paintings also.


Rahman has an excellent sense of art compositions. His paintings depict his love for the rains and monsoons and portray how human activities become extremely beautiful in the presence of the rains.


Jiaur Rahman has won some prestigious awards like the Nokia Asia Pacific International Arts Award (National), New Delhi, 2001, the Camlin Art Foundation Award, Kolkata, 2002, College Award ( Govt. College of Art & Craft, Kolkata), 2002, the UN 50 (United Nation) Award, 1995, NDC Awards (National Drawing Competition), New Delhi, 1996-97. At such a young age, Jiaur Rahman has received recognition and appreciation for excellence in art and creativity, and has achieved respect and pride for our country on an international level.

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