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pic_fn_souzaIndian Art is a beautiful reflection of Indian history, religion and philosophy which so many eminent painters have contributed to. F. N. Souza’s paintings form a niche of their own. Spectators often felt that his paintings screamed at the onlooker. They appeared unreal especially with the bare faced bold lines and criss-cross designs that were surrounded with the glossy borders.

Many often felt that his paintings mocked at the person looking at it because his paintings carried enormous weight and were very pressing. It seems as if Souza is in a hot debate with the painting and is attacking the canvas with his colours. Souza’s paintings were inspired by ancient Indian classical sculptures at the same time they were also enthused by the art of expressionism of Rouault and Soutine and fortitude of Cubism.

 His paintings contained beautiful landscapes, symbolic imagery, popes, priests, churches, crucifixes etc. They say that looking at a Souza’s painting you will always look for something because his paintings leave you with an aura of mystery, captivating the mind to find reason and thought about every line that one sees on the canvas. In fact, lines are Souza’s forte.

His paintings generally stir you up. They provoke you to contemplate about them for hours. Souza’s paintings are something that stays with you for long. They mingle in the mind trying to capture what the painter is trying to depict. Even a simple portrait by Souza has something exceptional that itches one to analyze.

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