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imagesSouza was born in the village of Saligao located in Goa. Souza was born in a catholic family. He lost his father when he was only three months old. Scraping through life, Souza later studied at the Sir J. J. School of Art, but was suspended in 1945 because of his support for the Quit India Movement.

What threw Souza into fame was his autobiographical essay ‘Nirvana of a Maggot’ which appeared in 1955 in a magazine edited by Stephen Spender. ‘Words and Lines’ was his other great book which was published in London in 1959. In 1967, Souza settled in New York. Souza has also been a part of the Commonwealth Artists of Fame exhibition which was held in London in 1977. He has also participated in several other exhibitions which include one-man shows in Paris in 1954 and 1960 and in Detroit in 1968. In 1987, his retrospectives were held in New Delhi and Mumbai. He also exhibited his work at the Indus Gallery in Karachi in 1988. In 1996, his paintings were displayed at New Delhi again. In 2005, as part of their British Art Collection, the Tate Britain devoted an area to Souza’s works so that Britain art lovers could appreciate his work time and now. Souza’s work also had hints of Expressionism and British neo-romanticism. F. N. Souza also received positive appreciation from John Peter Berger, an art critique. Berger also said that Souza’s style was deliberately eclectic.

In his last days Souza painted many pictures under the title “Goa portfolio” where he also wrote a lot of inspiring prose.

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