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Devajyoti Ray is a shining star in the galaxy of Indian art world. Born in 1974 in Kolkata, he initially studied economics from legendary Presidency College. Later on, he did his Masters from another prestigious university Jawahar Lal Nehru (JNU) University, New Delhi. He is a fish of different kettle. As his birth year suggests, he is quite young and loves to experiment. He is also perceived as an offbeat artist. He has dabbled in pseudo-realism theme and remember, he is one of those rare Indian artists who love to experiment in pseudo-realism theme. Devjyoti often includes regular scenes from everyday life and that is a fascinating way to put across your expression. You cannot really find a pattern in his art works. But yes, you can get lost in the maze of appealing visuals and colors and yet you will be able to comprehend the meaning. Often touted as ‘rising new star’ of Indian art world, he has made rapid strides in recent time.


Talking about pseudo-realism, it is basically a visual art style that presents the elements of reality but in a distorted way. Things are not presented directly but rather through off beat color schemes and abstract symbols. That bring more effectiveness into the art work, popular imagery is used. The imagery is used through a conscious effort and this makes art work even more compelling. To some extent, pseudo-realism is often associated with graphic art. But that is just a minor resemblance.   


Devajyoti Roy has really excelled at portraying realistic themes through vivid usage of color combination. He has this knack of balancing content and theme in an aesthetic way. His paintings represent harmony and innovativeness. All in all, Devajyoti Roy looks very promising.

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