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Art auction have been around since quite a while now. Our history tells that art auctions existed since 17th century. Today, auctions work a business proposition for the works of art. It is a process where the highest bidder gets the artwork in subject. It is a detailed process with careful planning and organized structure. 

The rapidly growing market of Indian art auctions has been a spectacular success in recent times. With art vastly becoming a viable and a profitable business for investors, Indian art auctions have become very popular. In fact, the Indian art market is on all time high. The demand is two fold, both from within and from international market. India’s rising urban and semi urban population and the growing middle class and their increasing interest in Indian art in terms of taste and even need has fuelled the market to a great height. Amongst the various forms of art, paintings of Indian artists have witnessed the maximum demand worldwide.

Painters like, Husain, Tyeb Mehta and S.H.Raza are at the forefront of such popularity. Another factor which contributed to this growth in India’s art market is the availability of Indian art online. The major factor was increasing flow of money and the hype generated by art dealers and the art enthusiasts. Indians have also become tech savvy and the facility of visiting many art galleries online and deciding on the work of art they like. Indian buyers are primarily inclined to buy based on the see and touch feel. But slowly and steadily art auctions in the country are touching new heights altogether.

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