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Alex Mathew, a renowned contemporary artist, was born in Trivandrum in 1957. He studied at the College of Fine Arts in Trivandrum an acquired a national diploma in sculpture in 1981. He continued studying this till a post graduation from M.S. University, Baroda in 1984. He concentrated his work largely on wooden figures, most of them engraved in a style signifying the eternal and primary associations of humans with the earth-world they come from. There are also indications at the divine and the erotic.
Alex Mathew achieved a scholarship to the Hoch Schule fur Bildene Kunset Braunscheig in West Germany. There he received exposure to European artistic trends, both traditional and contemporary. This later reflected in his works of art.
A fairly remarkable attribute of his later work appears to be the need to leave the essence of the original material as much as he can. His carvings of tree trunks, his statements from holding their brooding, almost threatening, anxiety; these come out from the shaded parts of the figures and shapes that engirth them now. The observer must unavoidably notice and experience.
Alex Mathew has had various shows all over India. His exhibitions have been held in the major galleries in India, as well as in Geneva in 1987. Even though he has a preference for wood over other materials, he has experimented with fiberglass. His exhibitions comprise one at Chemould, Bombay 1993, Seven, Young Sculptors, New Delhi 1985, Questions and Dialogues, Baroda 1986, Alekhaya Darshan, Geneva 1987, Timeless Art, Bombay 1989, Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore 1990, Song of the Dark Times, CIC, New Delhi, Jehangir Art Gallery and Chemould, Bombay 1991, Sparrow, Bombay 1992, Deutsche Bank Collection, Bombay 1994, 100 years of Contemporary Indian Art, NGMA, New Delhi 1994, Recent Trends in Contemporary Indian Art Vadehra Gallery, New Delhi 1995.
Alex Mathew has become an established and reputable artist and one of India’s leading contemporary artists.

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