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lionThe beautiful specimens of Indian art can be found in all parts of the country. The beauty of Indian art lies in variation found from village to village and region to region. All the regions in India have their separate art culture. One of the lesser known but beautiful piece of paintings can be witnessed in eastern state of West Bengal. This state has thrived on producing amazing variety of Patua Paintings that are basically sheets of paper sewn together. Once sewn, paint is used on these structures. These sheets of papers basically contain mythological stories. The narration part is as appealing as the painting part.


With changing times, the themes have also changed. Socially relevant issues, historical events, floods, storms and other such ecological events apart from religious stories are wonderfully narrated on these sheets. Patua paintings have also evolved with time. During earlier times, clothes were used. Later on, they were replaced by handmade paper. The scroll used on the paintings always varies in size. The average length is mostly fifteen feet. However, it can be as short as four feet and as long as fifty feet.


The story narration part is done on different compartments of the pata. Like the length of the pata, the compartment part also does not have a fixed length. All the compartments have different episodes of the story. The artists of this special type of paintings do not follow a fixed religion. They follow both Hindu as well as Muslim rituals. However, the stories are inspired from Hindu mythology. Mostly, Patua artists are men. The fascinating part with this style of painting is they have continued to flourish and maintain their own tradition and style. With rising interest in regional and local paintings, Patua paintings are slowly gaining the recognition they so richly deserve.    

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