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The culture of art is uniquely present in all regions of India with same fervor. For reasons other than talent, other regions have earned more accolades than eastern part of India. But we can not forget that this region has been a harbinger of several art movements including famous Patta paintings movement. This part of India has also given us artists like Nand Lal Bose and Jamini Roy. If there is one word that truly defines the art forms of eastern India then it must be assorted. Artistic beauty has flourished and floated in this region like breath of fresh air. Many Indian art connoisseurs can not have enough of one of the great art forms; Patta Chitra of Orissa.


Patta Chitra is an ancient form of art. This form took birth and flourished in cultural riches of Orissa. The origin of Patta Chitra is quite interesting.  As we all know, during ancient times, we did not have any papers to indulge in written communication so palm leaves were used for communication. Initially, only messages were conveyed through these palm leaves but later on illustrations also started to accompany these texts. Sooner than later, these illustrations were transformed into a magnificent form of art.



The illustrations are mostly composed of mythological epics like Mahabharata, and Ramayana. With the passage of time other themes also started to take prominent places in Patta Chitra. Among the most commonly used deities are Rama, Durga, Radha, Krishna and Ganesha etc. Locals of orissa have continued to carry this wonderful form of art with same élan and class.

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