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Oil painting exists since the 13th century. Today, this medium is become so popular that a student must learn and appreciate this wonderful technique of art. Oil paints do not dry easily as water paints do with the help of evaporation. They dry with the help of a process called oxidative reaction. The blend of colors and the natural sheen that oil painting gives makes this medium a beautiful way to express yourself! 


Oil Painting is yet another fascinating journey in visual art medium. Oil paints are oil based and are usually prepared by blending colored pigments into linseed oil, poppy seed oil or walnut oil.  Oil paints are yellowish and take a considerable time to dry. To paint with oil paints is indeed a thrill and a joy especially for people who are amateurs. The effect that oil painting gives you is something that entices all art lovers!  To do an oil painting the following are the tools that are required: 


Depending on your subject of drawing you can buy the number of different colored oil paint tubes that you want. Usually these tubes are available in 20ml, 30 ml and 60 ml tubes. 50 ml bottle of Linseed oil, poppy seed oil or walnut oil is also required. However, the most commonly used oil is the linseed oil. A 250 or 500 ml. bottle of Turpentine which is used to mixed along with the paint to thin it. Paint brushes of various numbers (which includes thick and thin brushes). A palette and a dipper holder, canvas board and other materials will include pencil, eraser, cotton cloth, brush holders, jars and tracing paper.


There are no set categories and types of oil painting but it is said that oil paintings that are used to portray scenery are very appealing. You can explore the media just as you like. You can even paint surreal and imaginary paintings with this medium. Whether to use a thin based oil painting or a dense oil painting will depend on the picture you paint and the paint style you use.


Oil paints dry very slowly. Hence once your painting is done; make sure you keep it at a safe place where they can be kept for drying. Also, if you want to clean a layer of your oil paint, you can use alcohol. This will clean your layer of paint because alcohol is a powerful solvent! 


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