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milkmaidModern Indian painting is quite different from ancient Indian paintings. There is a story behind movement of modern Indian paintings the foundation of which was laid in the art schools of Kolkata. This started to happen during the beginning of 20th century. During the initial days, the movement followed Indo-European genre of painting that was also known as the Company style. Modern Indian painting movement is a very critical chapter in Indian history because of the trends it started and values it stood for. India was fighting a political battle for liberation and the Indian artists were also trying to get rid of traditional mindsets. This emerging social consciousness was truly manifested through emergence of modern Indian painting movement.


Talking about the legends of modern Indian painting then Raja Ravi Verma is known as the first great modern painter in India who single handedly changed the Indian painting landscape. He was very fond of mythological themes. At the same time, he also mixed various regional elements and carved out beautiful paintings. He won several awards and recognition for his amazing art work. The tradition was well followed by legends such as Abanindranath Tagore and Havell. These two are credited with promoting Indian themes. Their single biggest contribution is encouraging young talent to express themselves freely and uninhibitedly.


The names in the modern Indian painting include several other big names like Nandlal Bose, Devi Prasad Roy, Sarada Charan Ukil, Asit Kumar Haldar and Jamini Roy. These artists took Indian paintings to a different level where class and expression reigned supreme. Their works speak volumes about the contribution they have made. The painters of this movement have made themselves immortal simply because Indian art was finally liberated from the clutches of tradition.

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