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goddes-marble-sculpture-250x250One of the most aesthetically beautiful forms of sculptures is Marble sculpture. They have polished looks and appear very intriguing. Marble sculptures have always been admired by art aficionados because of their refined beauty, sophistry and elegance. Marble sculptures are timeless and gives the impression of luxury and aristocracy. One can find these wonderful pieces of art in many parts of India. Marble stones have kept manifesting their beauty in forms of statues, idols and decorative pieces. Marbles are also known as lime stones and sculptures are made from metamorphosed lime stones. Indian marble sculptures are story-tellers of our proud history and great tradition of art and culture. These sculptures are no less than invaluable and are of historical significance. Many such wonderful pieces of art have inspired new generation of artists to create their own imagination. These sculptures are extremely inspiring and you can’t help but feel overawed by their sheer magnificence.


The marble sculptures were made using blocks of marble and tools like chisels, hammers and hand drills. Marble blocks have raw outer surface so to smoothen them, sandpapers and rubbing stones were used. Ever wondered why these structures are still so shining? The credit goes to coats of shiny polishes like tin oxides that bring glow and luster to the sculptures. The best part about marble sculptures is they are very reliable and durable and that explains their extensive us in making figurative works. They are quite easy to use and sculptor’s delight. The culture of marble sculptures is not just restricted to India. Several parts of the world like Italy (Rome), France and England have extensively used marble blocks for beautiful creations. Some of the famous European sculptors were Soudbinine, Bourdelle, Leon Fourquet, Rodin, Victor Peter and Jean Escoula who have gifted us some of the most amazing pieces of art works ever created on the mother earth.


In India, marble sculptures can be seen in the form of religious deities and Idols of Buddha, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Lakshmi Devi and Goddess Durga. Who can forget the best piece of marble architecture; The Taj Mahal of Agra? We don’t need to look further than that. In modern age, usage of marble can be seen in furniture, fireplaces, photo frames, vases, medallions, show pieces, tiles and garden sculptures.

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